The Day I Fell in Love With My Daughter


“Has she gone through the terrible twos?” “Just wait until she’s a teenager.” “Pre-teendom is the pits, man.” My daughter is almost 4. I was pretty sure tantrums and emotional outbursts were going to begin at 2 and end at … Continue reading

Nipple Shield Q & A With Michelle


I sat down with Michelle Fretz to get her take on something a lot of new moms ask about: Nipple shields. What was it like the first time you nursed Ellee? The first time she nursed in the hospital was not … Continue reading

How To Take Your Baby On Vacation, In 5 Incredibly Difficult Steps


Some moms are amazing. They can take their children on vacation, expand those little minds, make memories, take pictures, and even manage not only to survive but enjoy their family vacation. As a part of the WMC Nation they’ll have read blog posts … Continue reading

Stop the Mama-Shaming Madness!


I’m a member of a Facebook mom’s group that’s based in another city. Part of their mission statement is that their intent is to be a “safe place” for discussion about pregnancy and birth. Just this past week I witnessed … Continue reading

Mothering In The Middle


After extensive research into comments sections and Facebook statuses, I have concluded there are only two groups of mothers. You must select one cult in its ENTIRETY. No picksy choosies. Group 1:  Dirty hippies. They love ebf, bwing, blwing, ap, … Continue reading

Nursing a Baby With a Little Something Extra


  Our journey started October 9, 2014. I gave birth by C-section to a little boy named Anthony Joseph (AJ). AJ was born with a little something extra- he was born with Down Syndrome. AJ has a big sister, Bella (with no … Continue reading

Listen To Your Mother – Auditions


Submissions are now being accepted for the 2015 Southeast Texas ‘Listen To Your Mother’ show! If you haven’t heard of Listen to Your Mother, then take a few minutes to check out their YouTube channel, here. The show is a … Continue reading

Adventures in Baby-Led Weaning, Part 1: Why I Chose BLW


I’m a first time mom, so of course I worry, over-analyze and read about doing what’s best for my daughter. I’m also a trained scientist, and before I had my daughter I was a high school science teacher. Put those … Continue reading

Yvette’s Photo Book Reviews

Yvette21a Black BG

As a professional photographer, I should probably have oodles and oodles of beautiful images of my family taken with my fancy, schmancy, big girl camera…but, I don’t. The truth is that like many of you, most of those funny, sweet, … Continue reading

Cara’s Rainbow Baby Homebirth Story


*****Warning: this post contains content about late pregnancy loss and images which may upset or trigger some readers.***** My husband, Damon, and I had a blended family, of sorts. I had two children from a previous marriage- Riley, my son, … Continue reading