Adventures in Baby-Led Weaning, Part 1: Why I Chose BLW


I’m a first time mom, so of course I worry, over-analyze and read about doing what’s best for my daughter. I’m also a trained scientist, and before I had my daughter I was a high school science teacher. Put those … Continue reading

Yvette’s Photo Book Reviews

Yvette21a Black BG

As a professional photographer, I should probably have oodles and oodles of beautiful images of my family taken with my fancy, schmancy, big girl camera…but, I don’t. The truth is that like many of you, most of those funny, sweet, … Continue reading

Cara’s Rainbow Baby Homebirth Story


*****Warning: this post contains content about late pregnancy loss and images which may upset or trigger some readers.***** My husband, Damon, and I had a blended family, of sorts. I had two children from a previous marriage- Riley, my son, … Continue reading

How to Get the Birth YOU Want in a Hospital!


I am about to say something that strikes fear into the heart of every crunchy mommy… “I had a hospital birth.” Now before you grab my hand in sympathy and ask if I want to work through my birth trauma, … Continue reading

Ten Tips For a Successful VBAC


WMC Doula Collective


Whole Mothering Center is pleased to launch the first cooperative doula practice in Southeast Texas! We’ve had this in the works for a while now, and are so happy to be able to share the news with you! WMC is … Continue reading

It Got You Into This…


And now we’re gonna talk about it. As awkward as you might feel reading an article about sex during pregnancy, please know that I feel just as awkward writing about sex during pregnancy. So let’s feel awkward together, shall we? … Continue reading

The Birth of Evelyn Rose Halliday Koehler


Evelyn’s birth story began in late February of 2013, the week my grandfather passed away. My sister called with the news, and we made arrangements to travel from Sayulita (near Puerto Vallarta on the Pacific coast of Mexico) to Arizona … Continue reading