Nursing a Baby With a Little Something Extra


  Our journey started October 9, 2014. I gave birth by C-section to a little boy named Anthony Joseph (AJ). AJ was born with a little something extra- he was born with Down Syndrome. AJ has a big sister, Bella (with no … Continue reading

Listen To Your Mother – Auditions


Submissions are now being accepted for the 2015 Southeast Texas ‘Listen To Your Mother’ show! If you haven’t heard of Listen to Your Mother, then take a few minutes to check out their YouTube channel, here. The show is a … Continue reading

Adventures in Baby-Led Weaning, Part 1: Why I Chose BLW


I’m a first time mom, so of course I worry, over-analyze and read about doing what’s best for my daughter. I’m also a trained scientist, and before I had my daughter I was a high school science teacher. Put those … Continue reading

Yvette’s Photo Book Reviews

Yvette21a Black BG

As a professional photographer, I should probably have oodles and oodles of beautiful images of my family taken with my fancy, schmancy, big girl camera…but, I don’t. The truth is that like many of you, most of those funny, sweet, … Continue reading

Cara’s Rainbow Baby Homebirth Story


*****Warning: this post contains content about late pregnancy loss and images which may upset or trigger some readers.***** My husband, Damon, and I had a blended family, of sorts. I had two children from a previous marriage- Riley, my son, … Continue reading

How to Get the Birth YOU Want in a Hospital!


I am about to say something that strikes fear into the heart of every crunchy mommy… “I had a hospital birth.” Now before you grab my hand in sympathy and ask if I want to work through my birth trauma, … Continue reading

Ten Tips For a Successful VBAC


WMC Doula Collective


Whole Mothering Center is pleased to launch the first cooperative doula practice in Southeast Texas! We’ve had this in the works for a while now, and are so happy to be able to share the news with you! WMC is … Continue reading