Dad’s Perspective on Home Birth

There isn’t a lot out there that written by dads about home birth. Something we often hear when a woman decides against homebirth is that her husband wasn’t on board with that idea. While we understand and support the need for a couple to be united in their birth choices, we do want to make sure that those choices are made based on information and research and not misconceptions about birthing at home. There is a lot of misinformation about home birth, and many of us started out being wary of having a baby at home. But after educating ourselves through reading and talking with midwives and parents who’ve experienced it for themselves, ultimately decided that birthing at home is a viable option that is, at least is as safe as birthing in the hospital, and at best is safer.

While ‘real’ information is vital, we also want to support fathers who voice their experiences! We came across this article written by Ven Batista after his wife had their second daughter at home, and we just had to share it. It’s posted at, which is a homebirth site that’s in Britain but that has a ton of great information if you’re considering homebirth.

For more information about birth, visit our newly updated Birth Page!



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