Yvette’s Photo Book Reviews

As a professional photographer, I should probably have oodles and oodles of beautiful images of my family taken with my fancy, schmancy, big girl camera…but, I don’t. The truth is that like many of you, most of those funny, sweet, spontaneous moments of our everyday lives are captured with my iPhone because it’s handy and, well, I’m lazy!

But what do you do with thousands of images on your phone? Do you print them? It’s a lot of trouble, isn’t it? But there’s an EASY solution! You can create books right from your phone in 10 minutes or less and transform those vulnerable, corruptible, digital files into tangible, archival quality books to pass on to future generations.

Since photography is not only my business, but my passion, the quality of the finished product is important to me. I think it should be to you, too! There are a ton of services on the market that have free phone apps for making photo books but it’s hard to tell which ones will offer the quality and ease-of-use that every busy mom wants.

So, I’ve done your homework for you on three of these companies!

The first company, and probably the most well know is Mosaic. You can download their app for iPhone or Android by clicking HERE. The app is very easy to use and the book arrived in 4 days as promised. The total cost was $24.00 and the book has 20-pages of images. Of the 3 companies, this book has by far the highest quality cover and the print quality was great, which makes it my choice for gifts to family members, but it’s also the most expensive per page at $1.20.

The second company, Chatbooks, was my least favorite, but it was also the least expensive per page at $0.30 per page. That old adage, “You get what you pay for” really is true!!! You can download their app for iPhone or Android by clicking HERE. While it was only $8.95 for a 30-page book, I don’t like that the pages are cluttered with the location and date the image was taken (others may actually prefer that feature) and the image quality was the poorest of the three companies. I also wasn’t too fond of the paper quality, which has a gloss finish instead of the matte I prefer which is used in the other two books. This book also took the longest to arrive (7 days).

The last company, Artifact Uprising, is not well known, but will be my go-to photo book in the future for several reasons. You can download their app by clicking HERE (at this time, it’s only available for iPhone). For one, the book has 100-pages for $31.99!!! That’s only $0.32 per page! That’s an amazing value compared to Mosaic! It doesn’t have the hard back cover, but the paper cover that it comes with is very high-quality and I prefer the format of this custom cover to the Mosaic cover that doesn’t allow you to crop or adjust the images. The print quality was also the best of the three companies and the free app is very easy to use.


I hope that this quick review has inspired you to print out a book or two for you and your family members so that you can all treasure those sweet little moments in life that should not be forgotten!

Yvette Griffith

Yvette is a local photographer and a transplant to SETX from Tomball, TX who delivered her 9 ½ pound son at home with a midwife and doula in 2001. Her love for home birth has translated into her love for birth photography of all kinds. She’s a natural mama, advocating breast feeding, cloth diapering and holistic medicine but who is careful to be sensitive to every mother’s decisions for her babies.



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