Listen To Your Mother – Auditions

Submissions are now being accepted for the 2015 Southeast Texas ‘Listen To Your Mother’ show!

If you haven’t heard of Listen to Your Mother, then take a few minutes to check out their YouTube channel, here. The show is a live reading from participants with a collection of stories about motherhood, ranging from recollections about their own experiences as a mother, to stories about their own mothers or about motherhood in general. Some stories are humorous, some are touching and sad, and others are all about the power and mystery that is being a mom.

The lovely ladies who are hosting the LTYM show, Jennifer Williams and Elaine Alguire, are currently accepting submissions and scheduling auditions for this year’s show. You can find the event page on Facebook, or continue reading for submission guidelines (and an idea of what they’re looking for). Jennifer and Elaine are both part of WMCPlaygroup as well, so you can contact them directly there by tagging them in a post for more information.

The actual performance will be on May 9, 2015 at the Lamar University Theater in Beaumont. Whole Mothering Center is proud to be part of the LTYM team this year, and we’re hoping to see WMC Moms on stage, sharing thier stories with Southeast Texas!


Please read ALL details below.


Interested writers should send their true stories about motherhood to to register for an audition time. Auditions will be held Feb. 28 at the Ben J. Rogers Regional Visitors Center in Beaumont.

The Details and Requirements:
– True story, written by you
– Three to five minutes when read aloud
– Keep it G to PG13 (or it may be edited for language)
– Essay or poetry
– One submission per person

We are looking for stories from both men and women of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds.

What are we looking for?

Stories that reflect all facets of motherhood. We want your story. We want it to be funny. We want it to be sad. We want it to teach us something. We want it to be the every day. We want it to tell us that we are not alone. All of our stories are important, the big and the small, the hilarious and the heart-breaking, the major milestones and the every day.

Additional information regarding the submission process can be found at

For an idea of the types of stories that have been selected in the past, check out the LTYM YouTube channel:

The event is locally sponsored by Divergent Theater and the Whole Mothering Center. A portion of ticket proceeds will benefit the Julie Rogers Gift of Life Program.


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