Beaumont Breastfeeding Coalition CLC Scholarship

We’re so very excited to announce that BBC will be offering a scholarship to ONE dedicated, active BBC mama who is interested in a career in lactation management to attend the CLC Training in Lubbock, TX the week of February 8-12, 2016!



The scholarship recipient will receive fully-paid tuition ($625) to attend the workshop but will be responsible for her own travel expenses and exam fee ($120). She will also be required to sign a contract committing herself to working as a volunteer with Beaumont Breastfeeding Coalition for a period of 2 years after she receives her certification. Her volunteer commitment will include attendance at monthly meetings and availability on Tuesday mornings for BBC’s New Program, Breastfeeding Cafe’, each week for the contracted 2 year period. She will also be required to be available to help administrate BBC’s Facebook community. She will have no restrictions on how she uses her certification and will be able to work in the lactation field using her certification so long as she is still able to maintain her commitments to BBC for the 2 year contracted period.

Eligible applicant must have at least one year of continuous breastfeeding experience with at least one of her children and must exhibit excellent communication skills and a commitment to being an active member of the Beaumont Breastfeeding Coalition community of women.

Deadline for application is January 22, 2016. Scholarship applicants must be available to interview during one of the following scheduled interview times:

Tuesday, January 19 – 11AM-2PM

Thursday, January 21 – 6PM-9PM

Saturday, January 23 – 10AM-3PM

Sunday, January 24 – 3PM-6PM

Tuesday, January 26 6PM-8PM

Please do not apply for the scholarship if you have financial or scheduling conflicts that prevent you from being able to travel to Lubbock, TX during the week of February 8-12. 2016. Applications will be reviewed by BBC’s Peer Counselor and Admin Team and recipient will be announced on January 29th.


Applications have closed for this scholarship opportunity. Thank you to all of our applicants, and congratulations to our 2016 CLC Scholarship winner, Kayla Hoffpauir, and to the two Breastfeeding USA Breastfeeding Counselor Scholarships winners, Ashley Heatherly and Kara Michael! If you missed this application, stay tuned; we plan to offer other opportunities in the coming year. 



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