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A Woman faces many changes and challenges when she makes the transition into motherhood. The network of support that a woman surrounds herself with during her childbearing years has a measurable impact on her in many ways. Whole Mothering Center’s goal is to support mothers and new families during this time by providing an active community for you to be involved in.

Discussion Groups:

All of WMC’s groups are governed by our Community Guidelines. Please read through them so that you are familiar with what you can expect before joining our community.

Whole Mothering Center has been a leader in mother-to-mother support in Southeast Texas since the formation of our first group back in 2004. With the launch of Facebook, our groups have seen exponential growth, both in diversity and membership. Though WMC is locally based in SETX, women come from all over the world to be part of our online communities for the unique culture that Whole Mothering Center promotes.

At this writing, we offer meet-up event for local mothers with their children M-W each week, and have several groups that meet each month. We’d love to have you join us! For a complete list of all of our groups, check out WMC’s Discussion and Support Groups.

Community Projects

Beaumont Area Produce Cooperative

This group is a community project organized and run through WMC. We put in a weekly order, as a group, with a produce wholesaler, which gives us access to produce that is fresher and higher quality. To join, there is a membership fee of $5 (to cover the cost of baskets and other items), and the weekly buy-in is $25.00, pre-paid. Pickup is on Tuesdays. For more information, please visit the BAPC Facebook page.

Community Blog

Whole Mothering Center’s Community Blog Project began in 2014. Our goal is to bring you stories and real-life experiences from the diverse mothers in our community. Being a mother is different for every woman, and we feel that support is key to being an effective parent, no matter what your situation or personal goals are. We have over a dozen moms who’ve generously contributed their time and effort to bring you a picture of mothering from their varied perspectives, with more contributing each month. If you’re interested in joining our project, and would like to share your stories, please contact us!

To locate the most recent blog post, you can return to the home page and scroll down, or look in the sidebar for a list of our most recent submissions.

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