WMC’s Community Guidelines

Whole Mothering Center Community Guidelines – v6-2016
Welcome to Whole Mothering Center’s Community Groups! This document covers the general guidelines for all of WMC’s groups. For a complete list of our groups, please visit our website: https://wholemotheringcenter.org/get-connected/discussion_groups/


Please note that these guidelines apply to all of our groups. Individual groups may have additional guidelines, depending on the group type (such as restricted membership or participation requirements). You can find a link to this document, and any rules specific to that group, in the group’s PINNED POST.

If you have any questions about these guidelines, or our groups, please contact us: https://wholemotheringcenter.org/contact/

As a member of WMC’s community, you are subject to these rules and guidelines as soon as you are accepted as a member of one of our groups. These community guidelines are in place whether you have read them or not, and ignorance of these community guidelines will not prevent an action taken by the group admins is you are in violation of them.

Disregarding any part of these group guidelines will result in your immediate removal from WMC’s groups. You may request to re-join our groups after communication with the group’s admins and a refresher of WMC’s Community Guidelines, however a second offense will result in your being banned from the group without the opportunity to re-join. Please note that due to the size of WMC’s community groups, violations may result in removal without warning. WMC’s admins reserve the right to remove anyone, at any time, for any reason. If you are removed from a group or groups, re-admission is at the discretion of the admins. If you feel that your removal was in error, please contact us for a resolution. Bringing drama to a WMC group or creating drama surrounding WMC is cause to be immediately and permanently banned from all WMC groups. What constitutes “drama” is at the sole discretion of the admin team.

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Additional admins for individual groups can be found in the PINNED POST for all groups.Members may not block admins from their personal Facebook pages. Doing so makes it so that you cannot see anything she posts, including administrative notes, which means that you may miss event information and or changes and updates to our group guidelines. Blocking an admin will result in immediate removal from all of WMC’s groups without the opportunity to re-join.

Please be aware that Admins can and will close a discussion thread, lock comments, and /or delete posts or comments at their discretion. Reasons for doing so include (but are not limited to): the post or comment is inappropriate, OT (off-topic), a repost, shaming another member, a ‘hot button’ topic, or other reason. If an admin deletes your post or your comment on a post, you are not allowed to re-post it. If you have a question about why your post or comment was deleted, PM an admin. Making a public post in an WMC group asking why your post was deleted will result in you being deleted and banned from all WMC groups. Reposting a thread that was previously deleted is cause to be deleted/banned from all WMC groups.

Additionally, you may see WMC Trusted Community Members in our groups. WMC’s TCMs are members of our groups who have demonstrated compassion and skill as leaders in our communities. They’re known to share evidence-based information and often serve to re-direct conversations and inject sources or help provide a different perspective. You can learn more about WMC’s Trusted Community Members here: https://wholemotheringcenter.org/get-connected/trusted-community-members/


This section applies to any WMC group function you may attend with your children, or that your children may be in attendance with you, including (but not limited to) playgroups, meet-ups, support meetings, etc.By agreeing to these guidelines and joining WMC’s group(s), you agree that you will not hold Whole Mothering Center, its staff and representatives, discussion list facilitators, moderators and admins, property owners, and other group members responsible in any way for injury, damage or other undesired effect during any WMC function at any time, for all time. You further agree to hold harmless and release Whole Mothering Center, its staff and representatives, discussion list facilitators, moderators and admins, property owners, and other group members and/or anyone affiliated with WMC from any and all liability or responsibility for anything, ever, for all time. If you are a member of WMC’s communities and meet-ups and you disagree with this policy, you are required to remove yourself from the group.

By agreeing to these guidelines and joining WMC’s group(s), you acknowledge that you (the parent(s)) are solely responsible for your child(ren) and any child(ren) you bring with you during any and all WMC functions, and at all times during those functions. You are required to keep your child(ren) within your line of sight at all times during any function and assume all liability for anything that should happen to your child(ren) during WMC events and functions. If you are aware of a situation with your own child that precipitates extra attention or supervision, please help us to create a positive environment by being attentive to your child and actively parenting your child during WMC meet-ups or events. Examples of this are children who are prone to aggressive acts (biting, hitting, taking toys from other children, etc) and children who are climbers or who otherwise put themselves into unsafe situations. If you feel that you are being deprived of interaction with the rest of the group and need extra help keeping an eye on your child who requires active parenting, please ask another mother at the group function for help.


WMC strives to host groups and communities that feature a peaceful atmosphere. We are a diverse group with members of all backgrounds. Please be conscious of this when responding to online and in person interactions. To that end, we ask your help in keeping our groups ‘drama-free’. Passionate activism is permissible so long as it does not involve offensive language or personal attack, however we do reserve the right to limit conversations with what we regard as ‘hot-button’ topics, including (but not limited to): vaccinations, circumcision, and ear piercing, spanking, ‘cry-it’-out’ (CIO), religion, politics and any other topic that causes divisiveness or drama onlist.WMC’s core ‘style’ tends to fall towards more natural practices, ‘gentle’ and ‘attachment parenting’ style practices. We encourage mothers of ANY parenting style to request membership, but warn that you will be exposed to these alternative ideals here, and encourage you to keep an open mind. Posts supporting or recommending parenting practices that encourage strict discipline inconsistent with the child’s age, abuse, or other practices that are not in line with the biological development of children are not allowed in any of WMC’s groups (specifically, references to the On Becoming Babywise’ series of books, author Gary Ezzo, authors Michael & Debi Pearl, and other similar methods), and will be deleted.

We encourage you to ask questions and involve yourself in dialogue when and where you might not understand some of the things that some of our mothers choose for their kids, keeping in mind that respect is not optional in our group; it is required. We are open to your evidence-based ideas if they run contrary to ours, though ‘debate’ is not generally encouraged onlist. Our group is a VERY diverse mix of many different ethnicities, cultures, religious convictions, family dynamics, and economic situations and as such, we request your patience and perseverance if and when we (or you) come upon a situation where we can learn from each other.

Please keep in mind that all of WMC’s groups are strictly secular. In order to respect the diverse religious/spiritual/humanist/other convictions of all our group members, please keep specific religious language strictly offlist. If you are going through rough time and need specific support, feel free to ask for it onlist without using specific language that is exclusive to your particular belief system. In the same respect, please keep any and all replies to these types of posts non-specific in order to respect the convictions of the rest of the group (i.e.: refrain from posting ‘praying for you’ or similar comments unless prayers were was specifically asked for). Asking for prayer and anything along those lines is generally acceptable, but posting specific religious prayers and using specific religious language should be done strictly offlist. When in doubt, please correspond offlist.

WMC strives to maintain a safe space for all of our members. We do not allow shaming of any kind of anyone for any reason. Examples include, but are not limited to, sharing screenshots in order to shame someone else, Mommy Wars/Sanctimommy posts, and perpetuating marginalization of our members. We do not allow any type of hate speech, including offensive slang. Inappropriate comments will be deleted at our discretion and the offender may be deleted and banned from all of WMC’s groups without the opportunity to rejoin.

Please think before you speak, and if you should ever encounter an uncomfortable or upsetting situation, please contact an admin. Sometimes it is very hard to convey what we are trying to say while typing, so please don’t assume that another member means offense unless that is clearly communicated. If you have an issue, feel free to private message that member and include admins and we will all work towards an amicable solution. We do not want simple misunderstandings leading to hurt feelings or division among our communities.

Absolutely NO “trigger” posts are allowed in WMC’s groups. If your post has the potential to upset another mother or to “trigger” her, your post will be subject to deletion. We consider ‘trigger’ topics to be: Child harm, Self-harm, Suicide, Rape, Abuse, Child Loss, Miscarriage, Violent Death or Injury, Animal Cruelty and other potentially sensitive subject matter. If you’re in doubt, please contact an admin for guidance. Exceptions to this rule are in some of WMC’s topic-specific groups that deal with such topics, and ONLY in those groups.

WMC is an organization based on the concept of peer support through evidence-based information. Fifty years worth of research confirms the detrimental effects of spanking on children. As such, comments promoting spanking as a disciplinary method are forbidden in ALL of our groups. Posts or comments that prompt support for spanking will be deleted, and the person posting them will be deleted and banned from all WMC-affiliated groups, without the opportunity to re-join.

Children are sponges. As such, please watch your language and what you say while attending WMC functions where children are present. We assume that your Facebook feed is private, and as such, what gets posted to WMC’s groups may not be for little eyes. While we certainly don’t encourage degradation, a certain amount of *delightful* tackiness is permissible. A general ‘warning’ for these types of posts across all groups is ‘WMC After Dark’ just to warn that what follows may be offensive to some readers.


Because we value the privacy of all of our members in this group, only women/persons who identify as female/moms are added to WMC’s discussion groups unless otherwise noted in the group description.

Posts made in WMC’s groups are private and are intended to remain as such. The nature of our groups allow and encourage members to share personal information and photographs. Any member found sharing information posted in any WMC group outside of the group it was originally posted in, particularly for the purposes of bringing negative attention to something that a mother has posted, will be banned from all WMC groups without the opportunity to re-join. This includes simply showing WMC group posts to family members or friends who are not members of the group(s).

Please note: You may NOT post screenshots from and of WMC’s groups to outside sources. All WMC group content is private, and is intended to remain so. Violations of this policy will result in being banned from all of WMC’s groups without the opportunity to re-join. You also may not post screenshots TO WMC’s groups for the purpose of criticizing or shaming another person. If you are posting a screenshot that isn’t shaming or criticizing, be sure to block out any identifying information. If you question whether a screenshot might be permissible, please feel free to PM an admin for approval.

Please keep in mind that although WMC’s groups are intended for members only, we cannot possibly verify the identity and/or validity of every Facebook account that requests membership. WMC’s admins do their best to keep our groups safe spaces, but ultimately, you are responsible for what you post on the internet. If we are alerted to a breach of privacy, it’s often after the damage has been done. Please use common sense when posting and sharing, and protect yourself and your family’s information.

Additionally, we discourage members from adding their moms, mothers-in-law or other family members who may not be in agreement with WMC’s style and/or your parenting preferences. This has led to drama in the past, for both WMC’s community and individual mothers, regarding privacy and autonomy. Family members or relatives who are there to ‘keep tabs’ on you are not supportive and may be deleted at Admins’ discretion.


Please keep in mind that WMC’s communities and groups are not the place to solicit business for whatever product and/or service you may be involved with selling. Spammers will not be tolerated and will be deleted and banned. ABSOLUTELY NO MLM (multi-level marketing, or ‘consultant/sales rep/team member’) or party-based posts will be allowed, ever. ‘Spam’ is generally identified as self-promotion for or of any product or business from which you draw a profit. This also extends to having a friend promote your business for you – you’ll both end up banned; just don’t do it!

We also do not allow the promotion of OTHER businesses, even if you do not own them or profit from them. WMC’s groups are not Google, or Yelp; if you need recommendations for things not related to the focus of the group you’re posting in, it’s very likely to get deleted.

WMC does not allow direct solicitations for fundraising in the groups except those endorsed by WMC’s admins. This means that there shall be no posting of “gofundme” sites (or similar sites) by members. If you know of a cause that is relevant to WMC’s overall focus and would like to discuss having it shared in WMC’s groups, please PM an admin for discussion and we will share your post if it is appropriate for our groups.

Additionally, we do not allow for reselling of personal items (*except* in WMC Buy-Sell-Trade). Though we support ‘work-at-home-moms, we also do not allow the promotion of your home-based business (*except* in WMC Buy-Sell-Trade and ONLY on WAHM Wednesday, and ONLY in the WAHM Wednesday thread designated for that purpose). However, you MAY gift an item to a mama in need by posting a ‘free to a good home’ post of items relevant to that particular group (for example, an unopened box of breast pads in the Beaumont Breastfeeding Coalition, or a bag of baby clothes in WMCPlaygroup). Unrelated or off-topic ‘free to a good home’ posts will be deleted.

You may NOT solicit support for political campaigns whether local, state or national in any of WMC’s groups. We are a diverse group of many different political platforms. While we welcome discussions pertinent to mothering and breastfeeding issues and how they relate to political issues, we ask that solicitations for political support be made from your personal page rather than posted in our groups. Any posts made for the purposes of soliciting business or political support will be deleted and the poster will be removed from the group.

Posts announcing events that aren’t WMC-related (local or non-local) must have prior approval of a group admin. Approval is at the sole discretion of the WMC admin team and posts related to events will be deleted without notice if they haven’t been granted prior approval from a WMC admin.

Members may not make posts about animals that they are seeking homes for, even if they are free.

Whole Mothering Center hosts a variety of groups. Several of them are ‘general purpose’ groups, but many are topic-specific. If your post or question is off-topic for the group you posted in, you may be re-directed by a WMC Trusted Community Member or Admin to another group where you will have a better response, and your post may get deleted in the group you posted in. Please note that due to the volume of posts that our admins manage every day, we cannot always send you a private message letting you know that your post has been deleted.


  • Questions related to pregnancy and birth belong in Southeast Texas Holistic Birth Options
  • General mothering related questions for children under 5 are best suited to WMC Playgroup
  • General mothering questions for children over 5 are best suited to WMC After School Playgroup
  • Discipline related questions belong in WMC’s Evidence-Based Parenting Toolbox
  • Breastfeeding related topics, and ONLY breastfeeding related topics, belong in Beaumont Breastfeeding Coalition
  • Questions related to raising ‘high needs’ children are best suited to SETX Parents of High Needs Children
  • Questions related to working moms belong in WMC Working Moms
  • Health and Fitness related topics belong in WMC’s Free Fitness Community
  • Sales and ‘in search of’ (ISO) posts belong in WMC Buy-Sell-Trade

Due to the sensitive nature of these groups, in order to join you must have been an active member of either WMC Playgroup or Beaumont Breastfeeding Coalition for 3 months or more, or have a referral from a current member of the group you wish to join:

-Questions and discussions related to postpartum depression and other mental health issues belong in WMC Self-Care Support
-Questions and discussions related to miscarriage, pregnancy loss, infant or child loss and grieving belong in Southeast Texas Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support.
-Questions and Discussions related to Women of Color, LGBTQ+, and other minority groups belong in Southeast Texas Women of Diversity.


Though some members of WMC’s community may be trained, skilled or otherwise educated, the information provided by members of WMC’s groups is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. All content, including text, graphics, images and information, contained on or available through this group is purely anecdotal.Though it is tempting to tell someone what they ‘should’ do, please be advised that offering medical advice without a license is a crime, and posts or comments offering medical advice will be deleted. You may NOT share, sell or redistribute prescription drugs in any of WMC’s groups. Doing so is a felony. Any post seeking such will be deleted, and the person asking or offering will be banned from all WMC groups without the opportunity to re-join.

Almost all of our groups feature at least a monthly meeting or meet-up. Some groups, like WMCPlaygroup, offer multiple meet-ups. WMC admins will usually create an event under the Facebook ‘EVENTS’ tab in the group or on Whole Mothering Center’s Facebook page, but due to Facebooks limitations on inviting people, we cannot send an invitation to each member (only those that an admin is personally ‘FB friends’ with). Please check the group’s events tab and WMC’s events tab for the list of upcoming meetings/meet-ups. You may wish to ‘subscribe’ to WMC’s Facebook page ‘EVENTS’ so that scheduled events show up in your personal events.
If you have any concerns or questions which have not been addressed here, please feel free to contact one of WMC’s admins or a group moderator to discuss or for further clarification. Thanks for being a part of our community!
WMC Staff, admins, moderators and TCMs