Anna Sites, Newsletter Editor

Having always dreamt of becoming a mother, it was her emotionally traumatic C-section in 2005 that drove Anna to immerse herself in the world of alternative and natural birth. After years of conception problems she finally achieved her goal of not only carrying another child to term, but having an all-natural, midwife- and doula-assisted home, water VBAC in 2014. She has been married to her husband Dustin since 2004, and is a SAHM to Shelby (2005), and Harrison (2014), whom she is still breastfeeding. In her spare time, she’s an aspiring entrepreneur, as well as a freelance writer and editor, with plans to get her novel published… one day.

With her considerable experience in blogging, writing and freelance editing, Anna is our Official Newsletter Editor-in-Chief. If you’re interested in contributing material for the WMC Newsletter, or advertising your locally-owned business, you can reach her at




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