Postpartum Bone Closing


Bone closing is a traditional part of postpartum care in many cultures. It is a ceremony intended to honor the mother, bring an end to the pregnancy cycle, honor the return to self and facilitate recovery from childbirth.

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The closing spoken of refers to the gentle wrapping of the head, the ribs and midsection, the pelvic area, the thighs, and lower extremities using special cloths.

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Bone closing supports the return of the uterus and bones back into place. Afterwards, the mother is kept warm, encouraged to rest and given space to process her experience.

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Designed to bring a close to the childbearing year or to bring closure to any other fertility-related events, this 90 minute service consists of a custom ceremony designed around the needs of each client.

The basic ceremony includes:

  • Consultation appointment to plan your ceremony including a time for processing fertility-related concerns and obtaining referrals to local providers if needed
  • Aromatherapy during your 90-minute session
  • Light-touch massage during your 90-minute session
  • Bone closing with traditional cloths during your 90-minute session
  • Light snacks and a beverage
  • A keepsake to bring home with you as a remembrance of your experience

Additional options (at an additional cost) include:

  • Inviting 3-5 close friends or relatives to share in your bone closing (custom invitations included)
  • Herbal bath for mother and baby
  • Warm wrapping
  • Guided meditation
  • Documentary photography (for your personal use)
  • Other options according to preferences (please feel free ask us to taylor this service to your preferences)

The Postpartum Bone Closing is designed for women who want closure for fertility-related events including pregnancy, pregnancy loss, birth, abortion, perimenopause or menopause, a return to actively trying to achieve pregnancy after a period of avoiding pregnancy, a return to an avoidance of pregnancy after a pregnancy experience including birth or loss of any type or any other fertility-related experiences.

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