WMC Doula Services


Whole Mothering Center believes that women deserve options and that includes a choice of providers, including doulas. In response, we’ve built Southeast Texas’s first cooperative doula practice. The doulas of the Whole Mothering Center Doula Collective encompass a wide range of personal and professional experience, personality types and practice styles because we feel that individualized care from a doula you can relate to is an important part of building your ideal birth team. Finding the right doula for you is a good first step!

As Whole Mothering Center Doulas, we also believe that support is a vital part of the transition from ‘woman’ to ‘mother’. We understand that women with a strong network of support during their pregnancies and throughout their labors have more satisfying birth and early mothering experiences. We think that you deserve not only the support of a Whole Mothering Center Doula, but also an entire community of like-minded peers to walk with through your journey into motherhood. To meet those needs, we’ve built several peer support communities in Southeast Texas and all of our doulas are actively involved in those communities. Being a part of the Whole Mothering Center communities and networking with the WMC mamas and doulas within them is absolutely free of charge and always will be!

About the WMC Doula Collective

The Whole Mothering Center Doula Collective is a cooperative practice of professional doulas who work with and support each other and families in Southeast Texas. Our collective is comprised of doulas with a range of experience, from very experience doulas new doulas fresh out of training.

Doulas who work collectively benefit from mentoring and on-going professional support within their community. Mentor doulas, with years of experience, set the standards of practice for Whole Mothering Center’s collective, and serve as models and resources for new doulas. Through active mentoring, ongoing professional development (including continued education, support and encouragement to pursue additional certifications), regular meetings with peers, and a commitment to community involvement, our doula collective fosters a close knit community of doulas who offer the best in professional labor and postpartum support in a range of prices to families in Southeast Texas.

Families benefit from a cooperative doula practice in several ways, including:

  • Personalized doula care: We recognize that each woman is different, and with a variety of styles, personalities and approaches to labor support, the WMC Doula Collective can help you find a good match so that your needs for labor and birth are well-met. Every doula brings something different to the table. Having a collective with several active doulas ensures that you are able to connect with the right doula for your birth.
  • Guaranteed availability: Because you are working with a group practice, you will always have a doula that you know and trust at your birth.
  • Familiarity: Every reputable doula works with a back-up in case of emergencies. In single-doula practices, you may not have an the opportunity to meet your back-up doula. With a doula collective, you not only have the chance to meet all of the doulas who will be on-call for your birth, you will actively be working with them during your pregnancy to ensure that you will be comfortable with whoever attends your birth. Though every effort will be made for your primary doula to attend, your back-up doula will already be familiar with your birth plan, needs and preferences during labor and birth and can step in and offer support to your family in the event that your primary doula is unavailable.
  • Support from the entire WMC Doula Collective: Rather than the sole perspective of a single doula, your family will benefit from having the knowledge, experience, and wisdom of all of the doulas in our cooperative practice as our doulas consult with each other about client support and offer each other feedback and peer review on a regular basis. All WMC Doulas in your local area share the responsibility of supporting you, and are available to answer questions and provide evidence-based support as you navigate the tough parenting choices your family is making. Our doulas continually strive to enhance their personal scopes of practice, and can offer information on many parenting-related topics, such as birth education and planning, breastfeeding and lactation consulting, nutrition, babywearing, referrals to other local area providers, herbal knowledge, homeschooling and more.
  • A great price for a wealth of experience: Whichever WMC Doula you choose as your primary doula, all of our doulas are available to you for consultation. Because our goal is supporting new doulas as well as families, we base our fee structure on the doula’s experience level. This structure makes doula services affordable to all women who desire a doula’s support during their pregnancy and birth. Our newer doulas receive training and support from more experienced doulas, and as they progress, the entire community of birth support is strengthened and enhanced.


We believe strongly in supporting women, and that includes supporting the women who do birth work within the WMC communities. Each of our doulas have families and additional responsibilities that can make it difficult be on call 24/7 for a 4-to-6 week stretch. The WMC Doula Collective was created with the intention of supporting birth workers in Southeast Texas who are balancing work and family life. Birth work is physically and emotionally demanding, and individual birth workers tend to suffer ‘burnout’ frequently. Working together as a cooperative allows us greater flexibility with our time, and ensures that our doulas are able to rest as needed so that we’re always at the top of our game.

Click here to learn more about birth or postpartum doula services. If you’re planning to have a baby and considering a doula, or are interested in becoming a doula and joining our collective, please contact us!