Amy L. Jones

Whole Mothering Center Founding Mother
Birth & Postpartum Doula
WMC Doula Mentor
Breastfeeding Peer Counselor, Beaumont Breastfeeding Coalition
Chairman of the Board, Beaumont Breastfeeding Coalition
Apprentice Midwife at Bay Area Birth Center


Amy is a DONA trained Childbirth and Postpartum Doula and has been working to support women and new mothers in the Southeast Texas area since 2006. She was an active participant in La Leche League of Beaumont until the group dissolved in December of 2010, when she founded the Beaumont Breastfeeding Coalition (BBC) and began networking with other local lactation support services. She currently serves as the Chairman of the Board of Directors for BBC and as a Peer Counselor to the women of the BBC, helping other women through their breastfeeding experiences. She successfully breastfed her 3rd child for two years and her 4th child for 3 years. This is something she found great joy in after having unsuccessful experiences with her two previous children. She began work as a doula in 2006 when she attended a DONA workshop in Houston, TX. In 2008, she gave birth to her fourth child, whom she welcomed into the world with a homebirth VBAC surrounded by women who supported her including family, friends, her amazing doula, Heather Thomas and midwives Camellia May and Diana Nash. She decided after that birth to pursue a career in midwifery and applied for the Association of Texas Midwives annual scholarship in November of 2010. She was awarded the scholarship. She started midwifery training in January of 2011 and was accepted into a full-time apprenticeship with Jackie Griggs, CNM and the midwife group at Bay Area Birth Center in November of 2011. She is currently working through her clinical requirements with the midwives of Bay Area Birth Center and plans to sit for her NARM exam in 2015 and then begin a midwifery practice serving Beaumont area families. Amy has had the great pleasure of attending the births of over 100 families in the Southeast Texas area since she began birth work in 2006 and looks forward to many more years of serving the area’s childbearing population!

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Client Testimonials:

“Pregnant with my second, and breech at thirty-eight weeks, Amy and Emily steered me in all the right directions to have the best birth possible. I was so lost, and they were absolutely amazing. I have a very healthy two month old and had a birth I am at peace with, because I exhausted all options with the help of these wonderful ladies.” – Jessica Brantley

“Amy Jones is an amazing doula! During pregnancy, she met with us several times to prepare us for labor and breastfeeding. During labor, she was a comforting, grounding presence — so much so that I went toward her instead of my husband for support through contractions. The first weeks of breastfeeding, we had so many difficulties and Amy was always accessible for questions and she came over often to check on us. I highly recommend Amy to help anyone have a better birth experience!” – Vanessa Villate

“I didn’t have much support from family when I was pregnant so Amy being on my birth team as my doula was a huge relief. She helped me through every step from doctor appointments to holding my hand through my entire labor. I have no clue how I would have made it through without her by my side. She even helped me with lactation consulting after my baby was born and was always there for a hot meal or even just much needed adult conversation and reassurance during the ever challenging newborn stage.” – Anna Benfield

“Amy was my doula for our third child. It was my first home birth and she was amazing. She made my husband feel so much more helpful during my labor. It was also so nice to have her there to give my husband breaks during a long and hard labor. Amy knew just what to do during each stage of labor to help us both through and I would hire her again without hesitation.” – Erin Sanderson

“Hiring Amy Jones was by far the best decision I made to help me through the transition into motherhood! She was an absolute God-send to my husband and I through labor and the tumults of early parenthood. She provided us with any form of support we needed, and we want her to be involved in the births of all of our future children.” – Michelle Webb

“My husband, Aaron, and I had a wonderful experience with Amy at the birth of our son. She was patient, kind and gentle. She spent the majority of my labor with us and took the time to explain any questions that we had. She also was quick to keep a positive attitude which made our experience that much more enjoyable. Thank you Amy!” – Sarah Barnett

“When my husband and I decided that we wanted to pursue as natural of a birth in a hospital setting one could achieve, we both knew we needed a third person – a doula to be on our team. I found Amy online and after speaking with one of my previous coworkers who had Amy present at her birth, we decided to meet her in person. She was open minded, neutral, answered all of my ten type A personality questions I had meticulously written on a notepad. One of her best traits was her passion for empowering women to make informed decisions regarding their birth. My husband and I were both drawn to her because of her personal various births, experiences that she had around women of various backgrounds, and the fact that she was older than both of us- a caring mother, wife, and friend. Amy was extremely professional and down to earth throughout the pregnancy when she was hired to be our doula. She gave helpful comments when asked and assisted me in writing my birth plan which was handed to my hospital staff. Amy always came to our home for our visits punctually on time. During our son’s birth, Amy employed multiple things which aided in calming me during contractions. After the birth of our son, when my mother and husband were with him, I was on the table receiving stitches from my physician for my natural tear. Amy comforted me throughout the pain and held my hand by my side. Our experience with Amy was well worth the money of the check we wrote her. We would both recommend Amy as a doula, and would definitely hire her again.” – Ashley Danus

“I’m so thankful that I had Amy on my birth team. She was a wealth of knowledge and provided kind support throughout my pregnancy and birth. Amy helped boost my confidence as a first-time mother and helped me plan for the birth experience that was best for me and my family.” – Amanda Hooks

“Those long anticipated, scary, painful, yet beautiful minutes that turn into hours (and for me, three grueling days) that an expecting mother spends during her time of labor require the most attentive and loving care. Amy, my doula, made all the difference for me in those hours before my precious bundle arrived. Labor is never “easy.” But mine was quite a troubled delivery that resulted in an emergency C-section. Amy never left my side; all the way to the hospital and through the first hours of nursing him. Poor thing, I don’t even remember her stopping for a glass of water. Her coaching through the whole process was not only important for me physically as I labored, but it was especially crucial for me mentally. She helped me to stay focused, continued to reassure me that I could do it, that centuries of women had done this before me, and that I was going to forget so much of this after Brayson finally arrived. And she was right. Because 17 months later I am already day-dreaming of one day having another precious baby. Thank you, Amy, for giving so much love and care to me and my family. My baby’s birth would not have been the same with out you.” – Brittany Pollock