Apprentice Doulas

Whole Mothering Center is proud to announce that the Whole Mothering Center Doula Training Program is growing! These WMC Apprentice Doulas are working their way through our new program and will work hand-in-hand with an experienced WMC Doula as they begin taking clients immediately. This offers their clients the confidence that they’re well prepared and capable as local birth workers. They’ll offer a reduced fee for their certifying births and each of them will require 6-8 clients to finish their doula certification with WMC. Hiring a WMC Apprentice Doula can make doula services affordable for families who might not otherwise be able to afford a doula for their births. Inviting a WMC Apprentice Doula also means she’s got backup from the rest of the Whole Mothering Center team as she supports your family during your pregnancy, birth and early postpartum. Whole Mothering Center believes that doulas who are part of a community of peer support are better prepared to support their clients! As such, all Whole Mothering Center Doulas and Apprentice Doulas are required to participate in monthly WMC Doula Collective meetings and peer reviews, to invest volunteer hours into the WMC community and to stay involved in our online support groups. You’ll be seeing our brand new WMC Apprentice Doulas at upcoming WMC events and in our online communities so feel free to introduce yourself and pick their brains. They LOVE talking about birth and are open to getting private messages from the mama in our communities as they move through their training and begin taking clients. Please welcome our new WMC Apprentice Doulas to the WMC Doula Collective:



Cherish Moore

Cherish is a nurturing, earthy, hot-tea-drinking, whimsical, alternative wife and mother and a part-time herbalist at a local apothecary. She’s given birth to her two beautiful mancubs via two cesarean births. Dax and Sigurd are 6 and 4. The oldest of four children, she has been fascinated with birth and womanhood since she was a child. After having a traumatizing first birth, she opted for a doula for her second birth. Having a doula changed her birth experience and her life. She formed a bond with her doula, Amy Jones, who is now her mentor. She is ecstatic about serving the women of the WMC communities in their sacred birth spaces. Cherish also aspires to be a certified herbalist, yoga instructor, and reiki master. Cherish is accepting clients now for 2017 births! To talk with Cherish about supporting you through your pregnancy and upcoming birth, contact us here.


Shylee Hunt

Shylee is the kind of mom who does what’s best for her, often operating in survival mode by the seat of her pants. She loves to travel and introduce her kids to other cultures. Some days, she wakes up early to prepare a perfectly balanced, all-organic meal for breakfast and sometimes, she’s grabbing french fries from the nearest drive-through by dinner. She loves being barefoot, doing yoga and meditating. She and Andrew, her husband, married in 2008. He is amazingly patient, kind and hard working and they have two crazy-awesome kids. Colton was born in 2013 in Italy. Kenzie was born in 2015 and made her entrance 3 weeks before her due date on New Year’s Eve. They joked that she didn’t want to miss the party and that continues to be her personality. She found WMC after moving back to the states but didn’t take the leap to become involved until 2016. Shylee is an advocate for mothers being heard and encouraged no matter what they are going through or facing. Birth and breastfeeding are her passions and her goal is to be a positive role model by empowering women and being part of a peer support community as they become mothers. She is just beginning her journey to become a doula plans to, eventually, train to become a midwife. Shylee is accepting clients now for 2016 and 2017 births! To talk with Shylee about supporting you through your pregnancy and upcoming birth, contact us here.