Heather M. Thomas

heatherHeather Thomas
Whole Mothering Center Founding Mother
Birth & Postpartum Doula
WMC Doula Mentor
Breastfeeding Peer Counselor, Beaumont Breastfeeding Coalition
Co-Founder & Secretary, Beaumont Breastfeeding Coalition Board of Directors

email: Heather@wholemotheringcenter.com

Heather is a DONA trained Childbirth and Postpartum Doula and has been working to support women and new mothers in the Southeast Texas area since 2003.

As a Beaumont native, she and her husband have made their home in the community that they grew up in. Heather began her career in mother-to-mother support through La Leche League, whom she credits with helping her successfully breastfeed her children. She received her accreditation as a LLL Leader in 2003, and became a breastfeeding educator through Christus St. Elizabeth in 2005. After 7 years as a La Leche League Leader, the local LLL group dissolved, and together with Amy Jones, Heather formed the Beaumont Breastfeeding Coalition (BBC) in 2011 and began networking with other local lactation support services in Southeast Texas. She currently serves as Secretary to the Board of Directors for BBC and as a Peer Counselor to the women of the BBC, helping other women meet their breastfeeding goals. As of 2014, she is also an accredited breastfeeding counselor with Breastfeeding USA.

Heather started working closely with postpartum mothers before she knew what a ‘doula’ was. La Leche League focused on peer support and, having relied heavily on the encouragement and wisdom she received from LLL as a new mother, knew personally the value in the mother-to-mother approach. As a counselor working continually with new mothers, Heather began learning how much a woman’s pregnancy and birth affected her overall feelings of success and fulfillment as a mother. This connection prompted her to look into helping women birth better through professional labor coaching. She began work as a birth doula in 2006 when she attended a DONA training workshop in Houston, TX. Seeing a need for such services in Southeast Texas, she and  co-founder Amy Jones created Whole Mothering Center; the only maternal resource center of its kind on the SETX area.

Heather has always loved working with mothers as they adjust to their new roles after the birth of their children. Having suffered from depression and anxiety disorder herself, she knows how critical support during that time can be, and is an active leader in WMC’s Postpartum Support Group.

When she’s not working with WMC, Heather is a veteran homeschooling mom to two angsty teenage boys, LittleBoyBlue (2001) and PeaGreen (2003), and blogs about her homeschooling experiences at This Adventure Life. She is the creator and administrator of the SETX group Triangle Homeschoolers, and serves as a consultant to new homeschooling parents. In her spare time, she holds an orange belt in Shotokan Karate and volunteers as Head Non-Skating Official with Spindletop Rollergirls. She very much enjoys reading, coffee, Marilyn Manson, and all things red and black.

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Client Testimonials

“Heather is an amazing woman.  She supported me with breastfeeding advice and counseling throughout the first year of my breastfeeding relationship.  She also encouraged me to become active in our local breastfeeding support group.  I couldn’t ask for a better support system than she offered.” – Jessica Sanders

“Heather was my doula for my second birth- a VBAC water birth at home. She was AMAZING. I was worried about feeling “watched” or being uncomfortable, but Heather has great instincts. During my intense and surprisingly fast labor (less than 10 hours) she seemed to fade into the background when I was focused inwardly, and right at the moment I needed support- almost before I even knew it myself- she was there. Holding my hand, getting my hair out of my face, whispering words of encouragement or tips to lessen the pain/ make my labor more productive… She knew just what I needed. She even thought to wipe my make-up from under my eyes immediately post-delivery, which I hardly noticed at the time, but greatly appreciate now when I look at the photos! I can actually feel myself falling in love with her all over again as I recall these memories! She was also there for me in the days after when I needed advice about nursing my new little one, coming over to check on us and sending me videos to help me learn different nursing positions. Heather proved herself invaluable during my birth. I genuinely feel that her gentle, strong, comforting presence is part of what enabled me to have the birth I wanted. I highly recommend her!!!” – Anna Hoffpauir Sites

“Heather is one of the most supportive doulas that I know! As a new mom, there have been countless times that I’ve felt lost and alone. Heather is always willing to talk me through my situation with keen insight and comforting reassurance. She is always willing to go above and beyond to help new mothers in whatever way she can, and I whole-heartedly recommend her as a doula.” – Mary Michelle Webb

“Heather was such a pleasure to work with! My daughter and I were having some troubles with breastfeeding and she was very knowledgeable and quick to respond. With her help, our problem was resolved and we are still breastfeeding at 9 months! If I ever have any questions, I would feel more than confident in asking Heather for help again!” – Michelle Fretz

“Heather’s knowledge on the subject of birth and everything that goes with it was helpful beyond belief. It opened my eyes to a whole new way of thinking. I never dreamed in a million years that I would have had an all natural birth, but I am SO glad I did. It was possible because Heather was there. I couldn’t have done it without her. I truly can’t put into words how thankful we are that she was there during the happiest time in our lives.” – Amanda Ehrensberger