Welcome Earthside Podcast

Giving birth encompasses so much more than just the removal of a baby from the body of his mother. Women walk away from their births forever changed by those experiences. In Western culture, we neglect postpartum recovery in an extreme way and often to the detriment of postpartum mental health. We believe that the telling of birth experiences is healing and normalizing.

In the spirit of encouraging open dialogue surrounding the transformative nature of birth experiences and in celebration of birth, Whole Mothering Center presents Welcome Earthside, a podcast focused on the telling of birth stories. Welcome Earthside is scheduled to launch on April 1, 2015 and will feature births of all shapes and sizes. We talk about vaginal births and cesarean births, home births and hospital births, healing births and traumatic births, birth as the joyous beginning of life and birth as bittersweet loss. Conversations include all the sights, sounds and emotions associated with women’s experiences surrounding their births. These stories will encourage you and move you deeply. You will rejoice along with the our guests as they welcome new life and you’ll weep as some of them say goodbye to dearly loved babies gone too soon. All births deserve to be celebrated!

The Welcome Earthside is a WMC project conceived by former WMC Doula, Emily Ochoa, and hosted by WMC Doulas, Amy Jones, Heather ThomasLeia Koehler and Tiara Little. We look forward to celebrating your birth on the Welcome Earthside podcast!

Interested in having your birth featured on WMC’s upcoming podcast, Welcome Earthside? Submit your birth story for consideration through our Google webform. Submission only requires you to answer a few questions about your birth. If your birth story is selected, we’ll be in touch with you!

“Own your birth stories, whatever they may be and whatever choices were made. The way you process your experience, more than the birth itself, can set the tone for the way you parent and interact with your children. Talking about birth is necessary and validating. Talking heals.” – Emily Ochoa, WMC Doula