WMC Doula Training Program

Whole Mothering Center launched our Doula Training Program (WMCDTP) in the summer of 2016. WMCDTP is a one-of-a-kind training program that it is built around an evidence-based, peer-support model of care. Amy Jones and Heather Thomas realized, after the honeymoon phase of their careers as doulas, that the training they had received as birth workers had inadequately prepared them for birth work. It had also failed to equip them for navigating the local childbirth culture, for dealing with personal fertility and birth experiences while working with birthing women, and for building a sustainable business model. The heart of WMC has always been building relationships and sustaining communities of support around women. We’re so very proud this training program and what it represents for local childbearing populations and the WMC Doulas engaged in them. Training to be a WMC Doula is a commitment to childbearing women and families in your local community. WMC Doulas are community-focused doulas who model evidence-based support within their communities just like they do with individual client families. Our doulas are leaders who are invested in their local communities and regularly give back by organizing and volunteering at community events throughout the year where they’re on hand to offer evidence-based support and free, no-obligation consultations. WMC Doulas are honest about the options available to women and we don’t let out biases dictate how we serve other women or color the support we provide. A WMC Doula isn’t an authority figure in the life of a pregnant woman. Rather, we are guides as women and their families travel their birth paths. We want to show you, as a doula, how to build a community of support within your own local childbearing population and how to find clients within that community who need your valuable insight and evidence-based support. WMC Doulas don’t advocate for their clients, we teach clients how to advocate for themselves!

Some of our doulas choose to offer reduced-rate services for underserved populations and some don’t. Whole Mothering Center doesn’t take a stance on contract pricing or interfere in the payment arrangements our doulas make with their clients. WMC Doulas don’t advertise free birth services but aren’t restricted from offering reduced-fee or even free services to a certain sector of their population based on qualifying criteria. Whole Mothering Center encourages our doulas to work with local agencies in their areas to find underserved client populations and to engage with them if they choose to. We also support bartering with clients if both parties are agreeable. Some of our favorite clients throughout the years have paid us in unconventional ways!

If you’re interested in Whole Mothering Center’s Doula Training Program and would like to plan a workshop in your area, we are happy to travel to you. To reserve a workshop date, we require a minimum of 4 approved applicants who have paid their first module’s course fee and 50% of travel/venue fees covered. All workshop participants are required to make regular payments on their course fees and all course fees must be paid, in full, a month before your workshop dates. Your class will be sent preliminary coursework and 2 WMC Doula Trainers will travel to you for 3 days worth of hands-on training. We love the idea of keeping costs down in order to make doula training affordable. Introductory pricing, through June of 2018, is $400 for each participant and travel fees can be kept low by hosting the training at a private venue and inviting trainers to share the home of a workshop participant rather than planning for hotel stays. For an estimate of what it would cost to bring a workshop to you, contact us. We also offer cross-certification if you have trained with another reputable doula training organization and we welcome inquiries about that process and associated fees.

pregnantgoddessWe are interested in the ancient wisdom within ALL women. Women know birth. We know it innately. We know it because our mothers’ mothers knew it and their mothers before them knew it. Our bodies have been doing this work since the beginning of time. We’re so grateful that today’s childbearing population has so many birthing options available and we love working with medical providers no matter where our clients choose to birth. Our grandmothers were their sisters’ doulas and they witnessed and held space for each other as life emerged from their wombs long before we were conceived. Becoming a WMC Doula means reaching deep within yourself and finding the doula that’s already inside of you. Whole Mothering Center will help you do that. We will nurture the shit out of you. ❤